Maintaining your garden for the Winter period

Autumn can be a really beautiful season in your garden with leaves turning a variety of colours and and falling. However, it also means that winter is coming and as you won’t be using your garden as much or spending as much time outside in the cooler months, you may want to encourage others to by making or buying plenty of bird feed.

Winter can be really harsh on the garden with extreme temperatures, ice, heavy rain, strong wind and snow. All of this can damage plants and trees and create a lot of for you in the spring, but if you prepare now and maintain throughout, you may be able to avoid some of this.

Firstly, keep it tidy. The lack of green will show up any mess and so keeping it tidy will at least keep it looking neat. Remove any dead leaves and plants as it’s unlikely that these will come back to live when it gets warmer; it’s better to clear room for new life.

This can be a big job and it is sometime preferable to get a company specialising in garden maintenance London wide to carry out a lot of the hard work if you are short on time or energy and are worried that you won’t get around to it in time.

It’s also a good idea to pack away any garden furniture that might get damaged in snow or ice, such as if you have any glass furniture that might crack.

Even if you don’t have any storage space in the form of a shed or outbuilding, even sheltering it against a wall or near to a building will give it some protection from the wind and rain.

If you are expecting snow as it’s a regular winter occurrence, make sure that you give your garden a good water beforehand. That way, if the ground freezes then your plants won’t be starved of the moisture and oxygen that they need.

Any company specialising in London garden services will tell you that by preparing for winter and then carrying out regular maintenance throughout the winter, when spring comes around you have a lot less work on your hands and a better designed garden from the off.

Winter is coming up, how to prepare your garden

It might not seem as if we’ve had much of a summer, but do we ever? Luckily it seems as though autumn is quite mild and so now is the time to get your garden ready for the winter months and the cold that it brings.

Last year’s winter was really cold with plenty of snow and ice and those providing garden services London wide found themselves with a last minute rush of people wanting to protect their more delicate plants and prepare for spring a little too late.

Get in there early to make the most of the milder weather while it lasts. There are a number of important tasks to get done:

  • Make your garden as neat as possible; the lack of flowers and greenery will show up any messiness so remove any dead foliage and cut back dry stems of perennials to soil level. You can compost any dead plant debris to make a great organic soil conditioner.
  • Lay down some winter mulch to protect your garden from damage from frost and extreme cold such as cracking. This will also help prevent any rodents for bedding down in your garden to get away from the cold.
  • If you have roses, these will need extra protection as they are a lot less hardy than other plants. This can be done with mulch again, or by wrapping them. If you are unsure on if your roses need protecting and how to do so, it is best asking a London garden design and maintenance company, as they are best placed to advise you or carry this out for you.
  • Make use of the autumn and prepare for the end of winter by using natural resources such as leaves. By collecting and storing them as they fall, they will be a great resource in the spring as they will have decomposed into useful leaf mold.
  • Move plants now. Late autumn is the best time to move any new or young plants and trees, so if you want to transplant any do so now as the best time.

Preparing your Garden for Summer

Summer has started very late this year, infact some might argue that it hasn’t really started at all! We have had the occasional burst of sunshine and we have all hit the nearest park or beach to make the very most of every moment. Whilst it’s nice to be out in the sun its even better when you can do that in your own space, which is why gardeners in London are making sure that their gardens are ready for actions as soon as the clouds clear.

The good thing is that even though rain is plentiful as is wind and even hail, temperatures are still high enough to get out there and make sure that your garden looks good and is fit to enjoy in case of dryer weather. This means that you can still make design changes to your garden, put in new plants, hanging baskets, relay lawns and even do decking and patios perfect for BBQs and sitting out. Not everyone has the skills necessary to carry out this maintenance or do these changes, and there are a number of companies that carry out garden design London wide, as well as maintenance to help you out. They can do as much or as little as you want. If you can potter around with plants and flowers but don’t have the experience, capability or skill to put down a new seating area than they can just help you with this area; showing you all of the options available to you such as paving, slate, decking or gravel.

Summer is a time for life in your garden which is great for your plants and flowers as well as yourself. Unfortunately the warmer weather means that life also goes to weed and plants can quickly get out of control. It is more important to carry out regular maintenance in your garden throughout the summer months to stop your garden from becoming over grown. This is something a handyman, gardener or expert in garden design London wide can help you with.

Garden design in London should be something to enjoy and not a chore. If you need help with the day to day tasks or want something new and exciting for the warmer months, don’t be afraid to call the professionals in.

Planning a Design Of A Garden

 Now that we hope the worst of the terrible winter weather is out of the way, and the snow is finally started to melt, it can be time to get on with your garden for the summer. Your spring plans may have gone out of the window and your bulbs may not have survived the unexpected blizzards through the beginning of 2013, but with April starting you can look ahead.

London garden design has always been something of a challenge; with smaller spaces to play with, noise and air pollution to take into account as well as less than fertile soil. The bad weather meaning that you have less time to prepare has not exactly helped matters; however, it does give you the opportunity to be creative and there’s no obstacle that can’t be overcome and gardening in London can still be an enjoyable experience with a few spanners chucked into the works. If anything it can add to the fun.

If the bad weather at the start of the year has thrown you off course, there is no harm in considering getting some help from an expert in garden design London wide. Many people bring in a professional to start them off and it doesn’t mean you can’t continue on your own at a later date, or even call them back next year or when you fancy a change. A garden design professional will be able to either give you some ideas or take your ideas and turn them into a reality. They will also be better equipped to work out the practicalities such as which plants will flourish in the type of soil and light that you have available.

If all you want is the design ideas than they can leave you to it from there, but if you want a little help with the grunt work they can organize that for you as well. Not everyone has the time, skill or inclination, and there’s no harm in getting a bit of extra help. If you would like some help with your garden in time for the summer, give us a call for information and advice on the best ways to organize the design on your garden this year.

Redesigning Your Garden After The Winter

 When the ground is still solid and it is still minus degrees outside, and your garden is still covered with snow and ice, it can be difficult to imagine what your garden might look like in the spring or the summer. However, the nights are already getting shorter and within a month the first spring flowers such as snowdrops and crocuses will start coming through. When that happens you may start to get an ideas on what you want to do with your garden in 2013. However, if you want to start redesigning you garden after the winter and start thinking about how straight away, you could consider using a London garden designer, who will be used to working with a barren, winter garden, making it into a work in progress and making sure that it looks great in time for you to enjoy in the warmer months.

London garden design is completely different than in more rural areas, as not only do you have a more industrial background to work with due to the build up nature of the city, but you often have smaller or less traditional spaces including courtyards, raised gardens or even roof gardens. You may even want to try and make a balcony into an outdoor oasis. You’d be surprised how much a small space can be optimised and enjoyed.

If you are looking to do this, you may have your own ideas on what you want in your garden, or if you are a less experienced gardener, you may just know what you want from your garden, whether that’s a place to sit out, something that attracts wildlife, an outdoor eating area with a BBQ or just a nice view from an urban London home. They can incorporate this into a design that is maintained at the level you feel comfortable with. If you are short on time they can make it a garden that needs the absolute minimum of effort to keep it looking good. If you would like to take up gardening as a hobby then they can design a garden that gives you the scope to learn and be creative in it.

Whatever your needs, redesigning your garden after winter can be fun and exciting, and add a new lease of life to your home as well as potentially adding more value.

New Year, New Garden

Garden design London wide is changing, as the start of the new year signals a new season for anyone with any kind of outdoor space that they want to make the most of. Gardening in London isn’t always easy; many people have a limited amount of space and unconventionally spaces such as roof gardens or courtyard gardens. If you have an outdoor space that is currently not being used, that you have been meaning to do something will but you haven’t yet got around to it, and you have no idea what to do or have no time to do it, why not call a garden design expert who can make your potential garden into a space that you can enjoy.

If you are bursting with ideas, a garden design expert can help them come to life with their experience and knowledge. If you have a space and a vague idea they can elaborate on it, and if you have an outdoor space that you want to make use of but don’t have a clue how, an expert in garden design London can give you a range of ideas that you can chose from.

They can also work from the amount of time you have spare to maintain your garden. Many people in London have busy and full lives with work and family commitments to contend with and don’t always have hours to spend tending to a garden but still want it to look neat and well maintained, there are plenty of low maintenance ideas to chose from to help you out; you could substitute a lawn for slate or gravel, lay down bark to prevent weeds or plant in pots not beds to prevent plants from needing cutting back.

Talk through what you want with a landscape gardener or garden designer to decide what you want in the outdoor part of your home, and learn to enjoy the great outdoors in a great city.

Garden Designing London

In the new year, after Christmas is over and all the excitement all dies down, it’s time to start thinking about the spring and what you want to do with your garden in 2013. Spring is a time for new growth and so to allow for the new life in your garden it is a good idea to clear out all of the debris so you can start over.

London garden design is more complicated than it is in the country because you have more obstacles to overcome. Outdoor spaces in London are diverse and you often need to think about how best to optimise the space you have available. There are also more urban style gardens such as courtyard gardens and roof gardens, you can even make your own balcony into a garden of sorts. It doesn’t matter how small the space you have is you can you can make your own outdoor space to relax in.

You can start garden design London wide at any time of year, but when there is next to nothing there are this time of year you can clearly see the space you have available. Spring is a great time to plant new plants to get them established for the year ahead, so leading up to spring you can start building any structural aspects such as fences, planters and paths or patios. You can start to decide where you want to put everything. Where you put everything will determine how the space is used.

Whatever you’re planning on doing, the cold winter months gives you plenty time to curl up in the warm and decide on what sort of colours you might want and what plants. You of course need to take into account the kind of soil, light and space so that you don’t choose plant that won’t survive or that will grow too big. Many people aren’t sure but if you want some professional advice on what you could do with your outdoor space or some help carrying out what you want to do, call and we’d be happy to talk about garden design in London.

Getting your garden ready for winter

Winter can be seen as a dull season in the garden and as a result gardeners London wide can neglect their outdoor space in the chilly season, but there’s actually a surprising amount of work that can and should be done.  Winter is a time when there are a lot less plants, foliage and flowers around, and so areas are easier to access.  It’s for this reason that structural work such as fencing and walls can be done weather permitting.  With more space to maneuver and less clutter, you can get the work done faster and more easily.

Winter inevitably means frost and sometimes snow, and so before the ground gets too hard you should get your bulbs in ready for spring.  You can protect them with plenty of top soil or even a fine layer of soft bark, and this means that when the winter ends you will be the first to get a riot of colour even when it’s still cold, with daffodils, snowdrops, crocuses and tulips.  Planting bulbs to late means that the frost may kill them, and you will be left with bare earth for longer.

Winter can be a tough season for the wildlife in your garden, and birds in particular.  If you are a gardener in London that likes your feathered friends, make sure you leave plenty of food out for them whilst there is no berries and nuts, and food is scarce, and you will be sure of plenty of new life in the spring.  There are plenty of types of food to choose from, as well as attractive feeders so that you can see them enjoying it.

Winter of course means Christmas, and it’s great to involve your garden in the festive fun.  Whether you’re thinking about a few subtle fairy lights, or a fully blown festive extravaganza with Santa and his whole sleigh, you can have a lot of fun with Christmas in your garden, and gardeners London wide like to join in the fun.

Winter doesn’t have to be boring, and so make sure you enjoy your garden this winter as much as the other seasons, and even if you just do some clearing there’s always spring to look forward to.

Preparing Your Garden For The Winter

Winter can be a depressing season, particularly in the garden. It can be sad to see your hard work riot of green and colour turn grey and cold with bare branches and frosted lawn. The great thing about winter though is that it gives you the time to clear your garden of debris, and do any structural work without being hindered by plants and trees. Whether it’s fencing or paths, winter can be a good time of year to get these hard jobs done.

The weather isn’t great in the winter months as all gardeners in London will know. You might want to get the work done but you might not want to be the one out in the cold. This is where we can come in. We are well known for being the company to go to when looking for a gardener London wide. If you prefer to be inside in the warm instead of outside that’s ok, because we actually prefer to be outside doing the leg work for you, and enthusiasm for hard work is one of the best qualities to look for in a gardener in London.

Early on in winter is also the time to prepare for spring if you haven’t already. If you want the carpet of colour in spring given to you by bulbs then you need to set them now or never. By doing this you are guaranteed the first burst of colour of the year with daffodils, tulips, snowdrops and crocuses. The ground can be practically solid this time of year, and digging can be hard work. Not everyone is physically comfortable carrying out this kind of work or have the time or inclination. This is another important job we can carry out for you. Whether you have an exact idea of what you want or if you’re not sure which plants would suit your garden, we can give you plenty of advice on what would be best for you and your outdoor space. We value your input and want you to enjoy your garden, so we can work to your preferences.

All of our gardening professionals are hardworking and work as time and cost effectively as possible. If you are looking for a competitive quote for a gardener designer in London, as well as excellent customer service and value for money, give us a call on how to prepare your garden for winter.

The Advantages Of Gardening In London

One of the best things about London is it’s diversity, showcased recently to the whole world in the London 2012 Olympics. The city is full of different cultures, styles and a range of architecture from listed buildings dating back to it’s founding to the modern business regions. This makes London one of the most creative cities in Europe for design, fashion and inspiration of all kinds. You can use any number of venues for ideas for your garden, and take into account the age and style of your home as well as the area you live in, your personal tastes and the space and budget you have available.

At Dreaming Green we have created and maintained gardens all over London and the surrounding area. If you are looking for gardeners in London, we have the best selection with the widest range of experiences in the area. We have made gardens of all sizes, all styles and with all budgets, and no job is too big or too small for our outdoor creative experts. We can look at your requirements, including the kind of facilities, the type of space, and the time you have available to maintain it as well as your gardening capabilities. We will design a garden around you.

Through our experience and over time, we have found that one of the main advantages of working as a gardener London wide is that we get to see the ideas that other people have come up with, so if you are unsure of what you want but know what you like we can come up with some fantastic designs for you to look at and decide on, and we can be flexible on what you choose.

There are a number of firms providing gardeners in London, but we know that we provide the best as we use the varied environment we have around us to inspire our designs, and are used to working in an urban area where you need to optimise whatever space you have available. We’ve made beautiful outdoor spaces for people on roofs and small terraces in the very centre as well as the larger gardens in the outskirts. We can even create a garden or outdoor area for your business if you want an outside section of your office, restaurant or bar to maximise business potential. If you want experience as well as vision, call Dreaming Green for a competitive quote.